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Jun 21st, 2024 - by petmac

Hey Folks! We are going to start running specials which will be announced through our Facebook Page. We want to be sure that you are receiving all of our posts so you don’t miss out on these posts. When you “Like” us, please make sure to also click “Get Notifications”. This will ensure that you get notified of any new posts we make. You can click the picture for instructions. Also, please make sure to share this on your page so your cat and dog loving friends can “Like” our page and get in on the savings too! Thank you and see you soon! It also helps to reduce weight. On holidays, you can apply a capsule and not be afraid to eat something superfluous. Usually during diets, depression may occur. I want to share my impressions about the remedy Phentermine. There are pluses and minuses in it. Plus, it can be bought at any pharmacy.

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City Dogs Adoption Event Every Second Sunday at PetMAC DC

Posted on: June 5th, 2013 by Janice

City Dogs will hold dog adoption events from 12-2 every second Sunday of the month. Please check the City Dogs Web site to confirm.  They have some wonderful dogs looking for permanent forever homes.

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