“Raw Pet Food 30-Day Challenge”

PetMAC – the Marketplace and Adoption Center at Lake Anne in Reston is participating a national Raw Pet Food 30-Day Challenge. The challenge asks contestants to ditch their usual kibble or canned foods and feed a raw diet for 30 days as their pet’s main source of nutrition. No grains, kibble, or any food products that are highly processed or contain any chemical preservatives.

At the end of the 30 day period, contestants will have the opportunity to submit a video sharing how the raw diet affected their pet during the challenge. One winner will be chosen at random from all the videos submitted to receive a FREE year’s supply of Answers Pet Food, up to a $2000 value.


All contestants will receive a 25% discount off Answers Pet Food, Raw Goat’s Milk and Fish Stock at PetMAC Lake Anne for the duration of the contest. Contestants will also be given access to a private Facebook group to discuss questions about feeding a raw diet with other contestants and the moderators. The goal of this contest is to educate pet owners about the health benefits of a raw diet, and to increase the health and lifespan of their pets.

PetMAC at Lake Anne is an all-natural & holistic pet nutrition center which offers customers healthy, species-appropriate diets and other supplies for dogs and cats. PetMAC sells only quality pet foods and treats that contribute to better teeth, stronger bones, healthy joints and a longer lifespan in dogs and cats. Additionally, PetMAC hosts regular adoption events on weekends to help find homes for animals in need.

“Processed foods have created an obesity crisis for our pets.” explains PetMAC owner Cindy Williams. “By getting our pets ‘back to basics”, and feeding them what they are naturally designed to eat, we hope to reverse the damage caused by highly-processed, inferior-quality foods prevalent in the pet food industry.”

There are many benefits to feeding a raw diet, including:
• Improved digestion
• Healthier skin and coat (less shedding!)
• Reduced allergy symptoms
• Stronger immune system
• Better weight control
• Smaller, firmer stools & less cleanup!
• Ensures proper hydration (especially in Cats!)
• Reduced or no doggy “odor”
• Increased mobility in older animals
• Easier to digest than kibble
• Mimics your pet’s natural diet
• Most Importantly: Raw diets promote a longer, more healthy life for your pets


“The goal of the challenge is to not only show people the difference a raw diet can make in the lives of their pets, but to raise awareness about better nutrition overall.” Williams says. “We are so happy to be working with AnswersTM Pet Foods as they have led the way on raw feeding for years. We’re participating in the 30 Day Challenge in the hopes that the deep discount on their foods will encourage people to try an alternative diet for their pets.”

Answers Pet Food is based in Pennsylvania. Each formula has been created by food scientists to provide not only nutritious meals for pets of high value and quality, but also with safety in mind when it comes to manufacturing and packaging. All meat is antibiotic and growth hormone free with no synthetic vitamins. Their mission is to change the way dog and cat owners feed their pets and think about the principles behind it. Their foods are fermented to kill any harmful bacteria that may be present in the raw foods, with the added benefit of adding helpful bacteria as a result.

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Contestants must register and transition their pet to Answers by August 7th to be included in the challenge. The winning video will be randomly selected by Answers.

For more information on the contest or how to get started, please contact PetMAC at 571-325-2099.

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